Some Sahtu Region Patients Buried in Edmonton

Henday Cemetery 4

A while back, I received a list of names and other details for Camsell patients who were from the Sahtu Region (Deline, Fort Norman, Good Hope and Fort Providence) of the Northwest Territories. I wanted to double-check where it came from and how it was created – and also to make sure I could ethically share it online.

I had a good chat with Leeroy Andre, who lives in Deline, and was  the one who forwarded the list when I was searching for information on Joseph Elulik. He told me that a Catholic priest who used to work in the Sahtu, Father Denis, kept track of patients from the area who died while at the Camsell and were buried in Edmonton. About fifteen years ago, when Father Denis was in retirement in St. Albert, he brought Leeroy to the (Catholic) Winterburn Cemetery by the Anthony Henday and gave him this list.

Leeroy told me he’s already been in touch with family members of the people listed here, and he thinks it would be okay to share this information publicly in case it’s useful. I’ve also shared it with my colleagues at Enoch Cree Nation, which is trying to compile information on all the patients buried in cemeteries on Enoch land.

Please note: this is a direct transcription from a hand-written, photocopied document.

From Deline:

  1. Jean Baptiste Karkagie. Born May 1914. Died March 11, 1948.
  2. Adele Ferdinand (nee Tutcho – widow Mackeinzo). Born 1904. Died August 1952.
  3. Henri Takazo. Born 1884. Died March 29, 1956.
  4. Athanase Naedzo (Sonny). Born 1916. Died July 7, 1956.
  5. Augustin Sewi. Born 1889. Died September 21, 1962.
  6. Baby Harry Beyonnie. 7 months.
  7. Linda Kay Baptiste. Jan. 31 1970. Died April 6, 1970.

Fort Norman (Tulita):

  1. Rosie Campbell. Born Nov. 1931. Died December 31, 1961.
  2. Frederick Cleary. Born 1921. Died 1949? 1950?
  3. Rosa Widow (nee Cleary). Born August 12, 1922. Died? (Buried in Holy Cross says her husband, Fred)

Fort Good Hope:

  1. Baptiste Grandjambe. Died October 29, 1957.

Fort Providence:

  1. Georges Lafferty.

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